Air New England Timetable June 15, 1981

Air New England Timetable 1981
Air New England Timetable 1981
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As an ad in this collectible system timetable reads "Our Name Says It All - Air New England - We're going places. Fast!". This little carrier seemed on the road for growth and it's aircraft and routes were seated in some great airline history. Each Fairchild Hiller FH-227 aircraft flown by Air New England was originally in the Yellowbird Fleet of Northeast Airlines (NE).

These planes then went to Delta for the same routes once Northeast was assimilated in 1972. Then Air New England operated the airplanes and to the same Northeastern cities. Laguardia's famous Marine Air Terminal was the debarkation point in New York if you hopped an Air New England (also NE) flight to Martha's Vinyard or Keene New Hamshire!