American Airlines Ford Trimotor AT-5 "Tin Goose" Desktop Model

American Airlines Ford Trimotor AT-5 Model
American Airlines Ford Trimotor AT-5 Model
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Product Description

This classic American Airlines Ford Tri-Motor Desktop Model is 1:48 scale with a wingspan of 18" and is 18" in length. The Ford Tri-motor was a rugged, dependable transport airplane, which won a permanent place in aviation history. It underwent several design changes. They were flown by more than one hundred airlines in the United States and all over the world. First flew on June 11, 1926.

The two main production versions of the Ford Trimotor the 4-AT and the 5-AT was introduced in 1928. The 5-AT-C, which is essentially in original condition, was built in 1929. The Ford Trimotor was dubbed as the Tin Goose and it also appeared in a variety of official and unofficial modifications. It was operated with wheel, float or ski landing gear and had served with all branches of the US military. The Ford 5-AT-C was still operating in the Scenic Airlines of Las Vegas in the 1990s. This premium handcrafted vintage airliner model is constructed from treated Phillipine mahogany wood and comes with a mahogany base for special display. Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!