BEA Comet 4B Jetliner Poster Size Fold Open Brochure

BEA Comet 4B Jetliner
Here are several close up views from an amazing brochure published in April of 1960 of a British European Airways (BEA) Comet 4B Jetliner that folds open to an impressive 3 1/2' X 2 1/2' wall poster. On one side are several small images and excerpts that promote the speed, comfort, and safety of the Comet 4B, as well as a Q&A section about Jet air travel. On the reverse side is a magnificent cutaway full color drawing by Roy Cross that illustrates the interior layout of the Comet 4B from Cockpit to passenger cabin, galleys, lavatories and storage areas. Please Click On Any Image For A Closer Look! Some Image files may take an extra moment to download as I have tried to keep the images large enough to offer a good view! This item is for display only and not available for sale.