Comet 4B Jetliner Questons & Answers

Comet 4B - Questons & Answers
Included in several sections are some of the Questions and Answers taken directly from this beautiful BEA full color poster size bit of Airline Memorabilia (British spelling copied as written!):

Q: How do you recognise the Comet 4B?

A: The chief distinguishing features of the Comet 4B are its swept back wings and the fact that its four jet engines are almost completely hidden in the wing roots. The Comet is the first BEA aircraft to be painted in BEA's new, distinctive markings, readily recognisable by the red wings and the prominent BEA symbol on the tail and fuselage.

Q: How do you enter the aircraft?

A: The passenger entrance is on the port side at the rear. All passengers board the aircraft by this entrance.

Q: What is the take-off and landing speed of the Comet 4B?

A: Approximately 146 m.p.h. and 138 m.p.h. The exceptionally large flaps on the wings help the Comet 4B to operate from comparatively small airfields.

Q: How many crew are there in the Comet?

A: Altogether there are 7 members of the crew: Captain, Two First Officers, Four Cabin Crew. Please Click On Image For A Close Look!