Famous Airliners Great Photo History Book

Famous Airliners - Great Photo History Book
Famous Airliners - Great Photo History Book
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Famous Airliners - Great Photo History Book Famous Airliners chronicles the evolution of the modern airliner. Its story begins with the Boeing Model 80, whose 12 passengers flew at a little over 100 mph and were the first to enjoy the attention of specially trained nurses called "stewardesses.: it ends with the Concorde, which travels at more than twice the speed of sound an over the Atlantic in about three hours.

Covering over 65 airliners, this wonderful book features mores that 150 vintage and full-color photos of airliners old and new (with many interior promotional photos) including the Ford Trimotor, Douglas DC-3, Hindenberg, Boeing Stratoliner, Lockheed Constellation, DC-6 & DC-7, Stratocruiser, Convair 240, Convair 580, Martin 404, Avro Jetliner, Comet, Vickers Viscount, Electra, DC-8, Vickers VC-10, Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, 777, Airbus and more!

Famous Airliners is a definitive account of the rise of the airliner to the status of an icon of technology. Also Included: tables at the back of the book which compare the date of first flight, range, wingspan, length, and cruising speed and altitude of over 60 airliners! Perfect item or gift for that airliner or aircraft enthusiast!

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