Pylon Dusters - DVD

Pylon Dusters - DVD
Pylon Dusters - DVD
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Now on DVD for the first time, this program presents the complete, three-volume Historic Aviation Pylon Dusters series on one DVD! You'll thrill to the high-speed exploits of daring pilots at the 1932, '38, '47 and '48 National Air Races in Cleveland and at other prominent air races. As a bonus, you also get Dole Air Race 1927, which introduces the planes and pilots racing from Oakland to Honolulu - with $25,000 going to the winner - in an event inspired by Charles Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight. Meet the winners and those lost at sea… and even witness a plane crashing on takeoff!

1932 & 1938 National Air Races - In this rare film of the '32 Cleveland Race preliminaries, you'll see Ernst Udet's aerobatics and Harold Johnson's breathtaking spins and loops in a Ford Tri-Motor. The finale is a 1913 Curtiss Pusher and an Autogyro dogfight that ends in a mid-air crash. The 1938 film covers the Pacific International Races and the Cleveland National Races. Watch aircraft preparations for Chief Oshkosh, 8-Ball, and others, then see spectacular racing scenes from the Bendix, Greve, and Thompson races.

1947 Cleveland National Races - View closeups of participants with their racers, then see thrilling racing scenes from the Bendix, Goodyear, Halle, Kendall, Sohio, and Tinnerman events, including the spectacular crackup of Jack Hardwick's P-51. Also witness P-80s perform at 494 mph and other airshow spectaculars, from Curtiss Jr. aerobatics to the Blue Angels in Bearcats.

1948 Cleveland National Races - Watch Paul Mantz arrive as repeat winner of the Bendix cross-country race. Racers and pilots are spotlighted in the Goodyear, Kendall and Thompson races. P-38s, Corsairs and P-51s with their wingtips virtually clipping the ground leave you gasping. Includes aerobatics and flybys of B-29s and the newest thing, a B-36 Peacemaker.

Color and B&W, silent and sound, 1 hr. 40 min. total runtime. Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!