Seaboard Air Line Railroad Video Classic Railroad Series

Seaboard Air Line Railroad Video
Seaboard Air Line Railroad Video
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Here are two short films for the price of one! The first, "New Horizons" a rare color film produced by the Seaboard Railroad in the 1940's, shows how a modern railroad serves its passengers and industry along its Southern routes. Included are great run-bys of first generation diesels, with both freight and passenger colors, and a few steam locomotives.

With the film using scenes of the Beautiful South to its best advantage, we see the passing of the "old" era and the beginning of the new. In reality, it would be a down hill journey for the Seaboard Railroad from this point on!

The "Bonus" segment is a six minute film entitled "Streamlined" where we see interior and exterior footage of the famous "Silver Streak" on a journey from Chicago to the Pacific, as well as the Seaboard along the East coast. Narrated by Andre Baruch in 1947! VHS/NTSC format. Color & B/W. Running time 30 minutes. Great item or gift for any Railroad Memorabilia or train enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!