Those Wonderful Studebakers Collector's Video

Those Wonderful Studebakers Video
Those Wonderful Studebakers Video
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Product Description

Remember those great Studebaker Automobiles? Well, for thousands of "Stude" fans all over the world, these cars are more popular than ever. Several times a year enthusiasts gather from some very colorful swap meets and car shows. This video combines several of these gatherings, including the Avanti 30th Anniversary meet. Intercut and mixed into this collectible and fun video are interesting interviews with past Studebaker employees and Stude owners.

Also included is the fascinating history of the company and a tour of the Studebaker National Museum. This VHS/NTSC format video tape is in color and is approximately 40 minutes in length. Perfect item or gift for any car memorabilia or automobile enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!